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I am a simple Kannadiga following veganism, that cares about animal rights, pure vegetarianism, environment and health.
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Friday, October 12, 2012

Parivalakka’s Delivery – Part 5


Day 19: One more picture on birthday

Just another picture of Parivalanna with new born on the day he/she hatched out of the egg

Parivalanna with Mari Parivala

Day 23 : Day 4 after hatching

The remaining egg didn’t hatch at all so far. However both Parivalakka and Parivalanna continued incubating it, mostly keeping the hatched baby also under the wings. Here are few pictures of Mari Parivala – he/she is growing quite fast indeed.

Mari Parivala along with unhatched egg

Is he/she smiling?
(Can you now distinctly notice his eye? He/she is yet to open them though.)

Mari Parivala breathing

Day 24: Day 5 after hatching

Mari Parivala opened his/her eyes! Here are some interesting pictures.

OMG, I can see!

Oh no, no photos please, I am kind of naked without feathers :-)

Wait, who are you? You are not one of us, are you?

Go away, mom and dad have told me not to talk to strangers

Update on 06-Nov-2012: (Around 31 days after hatching) I didn't get a chance to upload pictures and write about what happened in last few weeks. It was really eye opening and wonderful experience. I was eagerly waiting to write all about it and share with you, but today something tragic happened and I am in no mood to write any of that. Sorry for abrupt end of this story.


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