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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Parivalakka’s Delivery – Part 2

Anxious Moments on Day 1

On day 1 it was late in the evening and we didn’t see Parivalakka near the egg, and I was worried. I searched in internet and saw people saying that the egg is likely to go waste if the mother doesn’t incubate for one hour. Till late night, we didn’t see her and I thought she might have abandoned the egg. Apparently, it is not too uncommon. Maybe she was too young and was trying this for the first time, I assumed.

Parivalakka back on Day 2

But today i.e. on day 2 morning, we saw Parivalakka back near the egg. And I was very glad to see this. I was still amused about the fact that she abandoned the egg for a long duration yesterday evening, but decided to wait and watch.

Missing dude showed up once

I was constantly wondering yesterday about Parivalakka’s missing male partner. Today he made a guest appearance. I could see a slightly dark coloured pigeon near the nest (not exactly inside) and near Parivalakka, and I am assuming it is her guy. I didn’t get a chance to take a picture (didn’t want to scare them away), waiting for next opportunity.

Pleasant Surprise

Now it is around 2:30 pm and we finished lunch few min back. We could see through window that Parivalakka is sitting near the egg. After we finished the lunch, I peeked and to my surprised, I saw the following!

Second egg in the Herb Pot
(Parivalakka has moved old egg towards left, new one is on the right)

Still need help, advices

I still didn’t get any help or advice on how to deal with this, in spite of posting this article in many forums. Well, I am trying to see what is already available on internet and see what is practical for me, and then leave rest to the nature.

More later, as the nature unfolds the story.


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