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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Unique Green Products & Services in India

In this post, I would like to list down various sources that I am aware about from which you can get green products and services in India. What I have listed here is definitely a small subset of numerous options available around, but it took significant amount of time, energy and travel for me to gather all this information. I am just trying to make it easier for public, and by doing that I am hoping that more people make greener choices in their lives. Hope you like this post.

To begin with, I am not going to focus a lot on widely discussed areas such as agriculture, gardening, rain water harvesting, pollution control etc. unless I come across something really special. The focus will be more on unique products and services that can help a common person make more conscious choices in his/her day to day life.

Secondly, since I am currently in Bengaluru, the focus is naturally more on the people and organizations I see and meet around. If I get relevant and verifiable data from other parts of India, I would be glad to include them.

I will keep this post updated whenever I get more information.

Name of the Business / Individual
Nature of the products / services, description of the business

Contact Details
Sattva Media and Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

The Alternative
A unique private company that is researching and providing various services to people/organizations/companies who “do good and do well”

The Alternative is a very informative online magazine published by Sattva in this space.

The company focuses a lot on sustainable living & development, natural healthy living etc.

Wide range of nice and high quality bamboo products

Kala Madhyam
Art and Craft by tribal/folk artists

# 275, 30th Main, 11th Cross
(Near Oxford School)
J P Nagar 1st Phase,
Bangalore – 560 078

Phone: 080 26638833
Mobile: +91 9980289170

Kaudhichar near Puttur
Apparently many Terracota products are available at this place

Got this info through my cousin who is an interior designer; have not got a chance to personally visit and check the details yet.
Maris Craft Store
Eco friendly arts & crafts by rural India

They help poor women from rural and slum areas, and empower them. They do this by teaching them how to produce eco friendly bags and by helping selling the same.

Project is supported by “Art of Living” also.
No website, contact me for details if interested

Upasana -> Small Steps
Small steps is one of the projects by Upasana (an Auroville organization). Objective of this project is to produce eco friendly bags through rural women and empower them.

Books for Change
They have many books that focus on positive changes in our lives and systems around. Obviously, they focus quite a bit on sustainable living & development, climate change etc.

The Ants Store
Store promoting Indian arts and crafts
#2023/B, 1st Cross, 14th A main,
HAL 2nd stage, Indiranagar,
Bangalore - 560038.
Tel :- 080-4175639
I believe they take care of eco friendliness also seriously. But have not got a chance to personally check the details yet.
Store promoting Indian arts and crafts

Link for a related article is as below:

I believe they take care of eco friendliness also seriously. But have not got a chance to personally check the details yet.
Green Sense
Arecanut Plates

Got this link through random internet search, have not got a chance to personally check the details yet.
True Green
Bio Degradable Bags
Interested mainly in bulk orders, not into retail business
Ek Sparsh
Handmade Ecofriendly Products

kala koyree
Eco friendly bags etc.

Vishaka Kanavi
Warli Artist in Bengaluru who is also interested in eco friendly arts, sustainable living etc.

Nidhi Aggarwal
Eco Friendly Artist who creates art using charcoal etc.

Ashok Kumar Das
Eco friendly artist from North India
No website, contact me for details if interested

Shrinivas Yelhanka
Pottery guy in Bengaluru who can do creative stuff for you upon order
98453 67975

Biome Solutions
Architectural designers whose primary focus area is environment and sustainability

Cubic Space

Nikhil Shanbhag
A creative interior designer from Coorg who has special interest in eco friendly projects


Bharathi Prem
An architect and interior designer who has special interest in eco friendly projects


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