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Monday, September 3, 2012

Marks for students’ physical fitness – a landmark proposal

Have you read about a landmark proposal by 'Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India'? The proposal is about giving extra marks to students who showcase good physical fitness. I feel this is a very progressive proposal indeed.

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Important Note: General public has time till 30th Sep 2012 to send in suggestions regarding this.

A note to fellow vegans: If you see the introduction part, the ministry has correctly recognized the value of health and fitness and how to achieve the same. I think we vegans should be quite vocal in supporting this proposal, and we should demand a similar proposal to promote healthy diet as well. If veganism gets a place in such a proposal, it would be wonderful. It might go a long way in subsidizing veg food, taxing non-veg food higher etc. and will help our goal i.e. better health, preservation of environment and protection of animal rights.


Anonymous said...

depends on how "fitness" is measured. For example, whoever I am, I am not very strong--meaning if I am involved in a physical fight with somebody of my age, I am confident of losing it in 90% of the cases. That doesn't mean I am unfit. I may not be able to run faster than most people can do but I can do a strenuous hike more easily than many others. My Body Mass Index is quite good too. Every time I visit a doctor and they do a thorough blood and urine examination, they invariably say, I wish more people were like you--no smoking or drinking and perfect health. However, though I was very healthy, in schools so-called physical examination teachers always used to consider me not so fit. Given the quality of physical education teachers in India who most often are (or at least were) drunkards, I am not sure what will happen. However, as a policy it is good and it is great if it can be properly implemented which is often the problem in India anyway.

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