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I am a simple Kannadiga following veganism, that cares about animal rights, pure vegetarianism, environment and health.
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

32, dreaming of becoming 17 again

I finally did something yesterday - something that I have been thinking about from quite sometime. I got a bicycle, a Rockrider 5.3

Here are some pics of me and my Rockrider, which made me poorer by Rs.24k (plus more for accessories). Till sometime back I was also one among the people who thought these imported bicycles are way too expensive and not worth it. But finally after test riding several varieties, I couldn't say no to this.

(I didn't dare to test ride the ones that are more expensive, and only feel sad later that I couldn't have it!)

So, finally after several years I got my own bicycle and I am very happy about this. I hope I will be cycling more and more in coming days. Here are some more pics.

Just outside our apartment

In front of Ranka Heights garden

 Special effect photo, making use of technology tools :-)

Sweet Ride

One thing is black and white to me now - to stay healthy, I need to go back to healthy lifestyle


Vijethraj Shetty said...

nice bike..enjoy your ride :)

Anonymous said...

Good decision. I wish i too could ride a bicycle instead of car. Mangalore roads are not cycle friendly. The terrain is also not conducive.

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