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Monday, June 27, 2011

Keep Indian Railway clean, for you and for others

Note: This article is available in multiple languages: Complete List

Would you please take or renew a simple pledge today for the sake of yourself, all co-passengers and future travelers?

Dear fellow Indians and friends from outside, I will try my best to maintain and increase cleanliness in Indian Railway, both inside and outside trains.

First of all, let me appreciate the fact that you have chosen a public transport system over a private vehicle for your travel needs. Through this ‘greener’ selection, you have already contributed towards lesser pollution and traffic congestion. Making public transport system a more attractive option and making it people’s first choice will benefit all of us and it’s a win-win situation.

Among public transport systems, especially for long journeys, what attracts me towards flights instead of trains even though flight tickets are significantly more expensive? Of course, less travel time is one important factor. But many times I find myself with enough time as well as money, but still I hesitate to travel through trains, the most important reason being lack of cleanliness. I often wonder, what makes airports and flights much cleaner? It is not just the authorities who continuously work hard and clean the mess people create, it is also people who value the importance of cleanliness and act responsibly.

This is a simple public appeal aiming to maintain and increase cleanliness within Indian Railway with your support and make our train journey more comfortable and memorable. Of course, Indian Railway does not have the sophisticated infrastructure that airports and flights have, but together we can still make a big difference. Kindly read further.

1. Please don’t litter, not just inside the train but also outside by throwing waste out of the windows

    a. Collect all your waste, wrap in a paper or use a carry bag
    b. Dispose in a garbage bin at an intermediate station if possible OR at your destination
    c. Avoid stuffing the waste under the wash basin as it stinks later

2. Treat toilets like your own! I can understand your disgust & frustration when you find the toilet stinking very badly and even visibly dirty at times. Still, please show a big heart and do not leave it in the same state or worse after YOU use it and come out. Try to take an extra minute or two if needed and always try to come out of the toilet leaving it in a better shape, keeping next user in mind. Remember, YOU might be that next user on some other day thanking previous user!

3. Please don’t spit everywhere. Railway platforms are definitely not the place to spit, nor any place where people walk around. It is advisable not to spit outside through windows too.

4. Motivate others. When someone tries to damage Railway or any public property misusing their freedom, remember that using public property is our right, but protecting the same is our duty too. Try to educate them instead of picking up a fight, make reasonable efforts before quitting.

5. Demand excellence. Please spare few min to send your valuable suggestions and feedback to Indian Railway; I am sure you have plenty in your mind. Each genuine point that you write would either strengthen an already existing public demand or start a new, unique improvement idea. I have personally written few emails to Indian Railway & some of them have been well received. Make it a point to send at least one suggestion per journey, have patience. Together we can change things.

6. Spread the word: Wherever possible, try to spread this awareness among others too. Feel free to make copies of this and distribute.

    a. If you want to download latest version of this and take printouts for further distribution, feel free to visit http://krishnashastry.blogspot.com.
    b. At present, this is available in Kannada, Hindi and English.
    c. If you are interested in translating this to your own language and making it available on my website (directly or via a link to your website), please contact me.

7. This is not just about Indian Railway; promote cleanliness at other places too and let us aim for really incredible India!

8. Last but not least, I am sorry for wasting more paper to spread this message, but I hope to achieve a greener goal through improved public transport system.

For any comments/suggestions regarding this appeal, feel free to email me at krishna.shastry@gmail.com

Hope you have a safe and pleasant journey

*** *** ***


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